Hello! I'm Patrick van der Rijst, your Atlassian specialist!

With a background in software development using Scrum methologies, over 10 years of experience in getting the most out of Atlassian tooling, being ITIL® 4 Foundation & PRINCE2 Agile® certified and an Atlassian Certified Master, I can build you the most awesome solutions!

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I'm an expert in
Jira Software
Jira Service Management
Advanced Roadmaps for Jira
Automation for Jira
Scriptrunner for Jira & Confluence
Insight Asset Management
Atlassian Work Experience
Atlassian Wizard

Administration in Atlassian Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence and various Marketplace apps.

  • Be the subject matter expert providing overall thought leadership and best practice solutions
  • Manage migrations and upgrades of Atlassian product configuration and versions
  • Administer Jira projects, creating complex workflows, screen schemes, permission schemes, and notification schemes
  • Develop and implement Jira applications, workflows and scripts with a strong emphasis on usability, component reusability, security, and leverage various marketplace components
  • Design and implement ITSM / ITIL solutions leveraging the possibilities of Jira Service Management
  • Optimize repetitive tasks using Automation
  • Assessing, planning and executing migrations and consolidations

WPS Parking Solutions

Jira Service Management

WPS Parking Solutions was seeking for a better customer experience for incident-, change- and service management. Using Jira Service Management with a customer friendly portal, customers of WPS can now easily submit tickets and follow its progress.

Agents can identify wether the request can be handled remotely or if an engineer needs to come on site, making sure the ticket is shown in the correct queue.
Using Automation, we can pull in information of the customer submitting a ticket, so agents have direct access to their system and the appriorate service level agreement is configured.


Jira Software, Confluence, OKR's, Automation & Zendesk integration

ValueBlue was using different systems for various team, causing them to be siloed in the tool they work.
To bring these teams closer together both process and tool-wise big changes have been implemented.
Company- and Team level objectives (goals) are now tracked in Jira using OKR Board for Jira. The key results linked to these objectives can refer to any Jira issue that will automatically count towards the progress of the objective.

This means that backlog items for teams are now linked to the actual goals of the company. Another source of backlog items is their public Zendesk community, where end users can request feature suggestions
We've set up an integration between Zendesk and Jira in where agents can push these feature requests from the community directly to Jira.
Using Automation for Jira we connect these Jira feature suggestions to the actual community post and fetch the given votes on an article back to Jira. This, together with a Cost of Delay and WSJF calculation truly helps prioritizing the backlog.

  • OKR board for Jira
    • Track objectives and key results witin Jira
    • Link key results directly to Jira issues
    • Track performance with reports
  • Jira Software
    • Setup various templates to ease project creation
    • Created a Product wish project to track feature suggestions raised from their community
    • Standardized configurations
  • Various Automation for Jira implementations;
    • Synchronize Zendesk community votes to Jira issues
    • Update linked product wishes with progress made by development teams
    • Calculate fields like Cost of Delay and WSJF


Jira Service Management, Jira Software, Confluence

For Adapcare the Atlassian suite was new. Choosing the Cloud solution meant no extra work for their infra team and having Atlassian do the heavy lifting. Using the various Jira products and Confluence allows Adapcare to gain insights in development projects, being able to share progress easily with customers and having a service portal available for their end users.

  • Jira Service Management as customer facing service desk solution offering:
    • Service request management
    • Incident management
    • Change enablement
  • Connect Jira Service Management to deliverables in Jira Software
  • Advanced Roadmaps implementation to get insights in project progress
  • Various Automation for Jira implementations;
    • Leveraging the API enndpoints to move Tempo Plans between service and software issues
    • Generate Confluence project pages for new software implementations
    • Create deliverables on approved service management tickets

Read more on How to use Automation for Jira to create Confluence pages in one of my blogs.


Jira for Program Management

Eurocept was working in Excel files to do company wide program management. It was difficult to connect other business and software teams and to report on progress. I've helped Eurocept implementing a Jira project that gives insight in running and upcoming programs. They can easily assign tasks to other business or software teams and iterate on progress.

  • Jira Work Management implementation
  • Track and make company wide programs visible
  • Enhance reporting capabilities to gain insight in roadmaps and timelines
  • Connect business teams to development teams


Jira Service Management & Cloud consolidation

Plieger was already making use of Atlassian products but within multiple sites of an organizations that worked with many other clients. I've helped Plieger move their Jira projects and Confluence spaces into their own Atlassian site to deliver more flexibility and ownership in configuration.

Parallel with this migration, I've set up and configured Jira Service Management for their end users, using ITIL best practices, offering service request-, incident management and change enablement connecting service teams to software teams and breaking down silos. Leveraging the built-in reporting capabilities Plieger has insight in the type of requests that are handled by the support team, allowing it to work more effective and reduce throughput times of tickets.

  • Merge Cloud environments
  • Setup Jira Service Management according ITIL best practices
  • Implement a knowledge base using Confluence
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Connect service teams to software teams


Jira Service Management

Transdev is a public transport mobility company, in The Netherlands made up in two operations, Witte Kruis and Connexxion. Whenever there's a defect or an improvement reported related to items in the vehicles, an API integration will create a new ticket in Jira Service Management. Having the Premium version of JSM, adds the capabilities of asset management, which is in use to detail out all the attributes of this vehicle, the reporter, the branch it belongs to, which SLA level should be set and which solution team should work on this request.

  • Implement ITIL best practices
  • Support and automation requests where possible, e.g. routing requests to the correct solution team
  • Insight as CMDB management
  • Insight Discovery
  • Advanced reporting


Full Atlassian Stack

The Lightyear 0 (formerly the Lightyear One) is an upcoming all-solar-electric car by Lightyear. They're making use of all Atlassian Cloud products that supports all type of teams to work together on delivering the best car experience. This goes from tracking consessions and deviations using Jira Work Management, creating new Jira projects in less than a minute using IT's request form in Jira Service Management connected to Automation for Jira to seeing if set deadlines for development vehicles are in danger using Advanced Roadmaps in Jira Software Premium.

  • Governance and configuration management
  • Advanced Roadmaps for expected car releases
  • Automate repetitive tasks
    • Automatically create Jira projects and Confluence spaces
    • Create Google Sheets and link them to new tickets created in specific projects
    • Keep issues in sync between several projects
  • Advance workflow management
  • Synchronize custom field drop down values with external data sources

For Avisi

Jira Service Management & Insight Asset Management

  • Give advice on chosen service center solution
  • Review workfows and implement optimizations
  • Design and implmement a CMDB using Insight for Jira
  • Integrate Insight with Jira Service Management

For Avisi
Super B: Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Data Center to Cloud migration

  • Assess, plan, prep and execute a Jira Data Center to Cloud migration
  • Setup and configured Atlassian Access
  • Re-implemented an attachment generator feature using Integromat

For Avisi
Dept Digital Agency

Jira Service Management and automation

  • Scripted fields to roll up SLA and service hours for reporting purposes
  • Export and import of various Atlassian Marketplace apps
  • Support in workflow, issue and field configurations

For Avisi

Atlassian Cloud Consolidation

  • Consolidation of two Cloud Jira and Confluence environments into a new Cloud site
  • Export and import of various Atlassian Marketplace apps
  • Setup and configured Atlassian Access

For Avisi

Atlassian Cloud Consolidation

  • Cloud migration assessment to identify the risks
  • Consolidation of two Cloud Jira and Confluence environments into an existing Cloud site
  • Migration of TOPDesk tickets to Jira Cloud
  • Administrative support in the setup of Jira Service Management

For Avisi

Jira Service Management SLA calculations and asset management

  • Implemented time to SLA in combination with Scriptrunner to set up custom service level agreements
  • Varous scripted automation rules to create and update Insight assset management objects
  • Troubleshooting and support

Read more on my solution in these two blogs

For Avisi
KPN (RoutIT)

Insight asset management and Jira Service Management

  • Automatic CI object creation for systems, roles and access rights in Insight
  • Varous automated reports as tickets to audit access rights
  • Automated workflows to grant and rejected system access rights
  • Trained users to become a Jira administrators

For Avisi

Healthcheck assessment

  • Health check and gap analysis
  • Delivered an improvement report on the Atlassian suite covering governance, security and optmisation
  • Migrations and upgrades of all Atlassian apps

For Avisi

Jira consolidations, training, support

  • Consolidate two large Jira environments with different versions
  • Cleanup configuration and implement best practices
  • Train application maintainers

For Avisi

Jira Service Management and Confluence implementation

  • Jira Service Management Workshop
  • Installation and hardening of Jira and Confluence on Unix based servers
  • Building a service catalogue in Confluence
  • Mapping business processes to Jira Service Management covering a follow-to-sun service level model

For Avisi
Triodos Bank N.V.

Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence

  • Automate repetitive tasks for support agents in Jira Service Management
  • Automated enrichment of ticket information by using Insight Asset Management
  • Impelement business processes into Jira workflows, screens and fields
  • Launched a new Intranet using Confluence with Brikit Theme Press

For Avisi

Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Bitbucket

  • Company wide Jira Software implementations including advanced team and department planning with Tempo Planner
  • Migration of Redmine to Jira
  • Migration of Subversion to Git
  • Various worldwide on site Jira user and administration trainings

For Avisi
Essent / RWE / Innogy

Jira Software, Confluence, Crowd

  • Installation, maintenance and upgrades
  • Troubleshooting and support
  • Phased out Atlassian Crowd and migrated to ADFS SAML SSO

Other Work Experience

2010 - October 2012

Tricode Professional Services
Java Software Developer

Building a backend and frontend ordering process service allowing address product availability checks, upsell- and cross sell options and analytics. Technologies used are Srping Security, Maven, GigaSpaces, Freemarker, Velocity and more.

September 2009 - September 2010

Self employed

Building and selling a social communication platform for supermarket employees to share profiles, photo's and work schedules.


2006 - 2010

Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor of Computer Science

Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN)

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.).

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